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VP Natural Wood Protect

Termite Prevention and Flame Resistant Nano Coating for Wood

SIO2 & Water-based Superhydrophobic, Oleophobic & Termite Preventive Nanocoating for Natural, Untreated Wood Surfaces.

  • Superhydrophobic nano coating for wood
  • Soil-repellent Food-safe wood nanocoating
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy-to-clean effect
  • Water-based formula
  • PFOA & PFOS-free (100% fluorine-free)
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Maintains breathability
  • Does not alter look or feel
  • Odourless
  • Food-safe & Physiologically harmless
  • Bio-compatible flame resistant coating for wood
  • UV-stable (No UV protection for wood surfaces)
  • Non-corrosive and non-irritating
  • Protection against pests - termite prevention coating for wood
  • Swelling & deforming of wood when being in contact with water is prevented.
  • Common wood substrates include all untreated natural wood e.g. natural wood, MDF, OSB, plywood panels, chipboard etc.
  • Developed for industrial application across all kinds of untreated wood surfaces e.g. furniture, sauna areas, ornamental items, garden furniture, doors, toys, etc.
Termite Prevention and Flame Resistant Nano Coating for Wood

Performance & Testing

  • Superhydrophobic
  • Oleophobic
  • Frost-thaw-changes-reduction (according DIN EN 12371:2010-07(frost resistance) for 100 cycles)
  • Longevity & Abrasion resistance (Insitut für Farben und Lacke e.V. Insitute for paint and varnish, wood protection effective after 1000 abrasion cycles).
  • REACH Conformity
  • ZDHC MRSL V2.0 Conformity


pH-value (undiluted) 4,5 - 5,5
Density (g/ml) 1
Flash Point (°C) >90°
Boiling Point (°C) 100°
Colour Colourless / Light Yellow
Manufacturing Standard According to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
HS Code 38249992
Shelf Life 24 months

VP Natural Wood Protect Nano Coating represents an innovative advancement tailored for untreated wood surfaces. Its formulation offers a spectrum of advantages, encompassing termite deterrence, flame resilience, and exceptional superhydrophobic characteristics.

Open or Close What are the key benefits of using VP Natural Wood Protect?

VP Natural Wood Protect offers several advantages, including:

  • Superhydrophobicity for repelling water and soil.
  • Resistance to abrasion and weather conditions.
  • Easy-to-clean effect, maintaining the wood's natural look and feel.
  • Food-safe and physiologically harmless.
  • Bio-compatible flame resistance.
  • Protection against pests like termites.
  • Prevention of swelling and deformation caused by water exposure.
Open or Close How does VP Natural Wood Protect perform in testing?

The performance of VP Natural Wood Protect has been rigorously tested and proven in various aspects including:

  • Superhydrophobicity and oleophobicity.
  • Frost-thaw changes reduction.
  • Longevity and abrasion resistance.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards such as REACH and ZDHC MRSL V2.0.
Open or Close Where can VP Natural Wood Protect be applied?

VP Natural Wood Protect is suitable for a wide range of untreated wood surfaces including sauna areas, garden furniture, doors, toys, and more. It is optimized for industrial and trade use.

Open or Close How is VP Natural Wood Protect applied?

VP Natural Wood Protect is a ready-to-use transparent spray solution. It should be applied onto clean wood surfaces at a distance of 15 cm, preferably 2-3 times wet-on-wet for optimal protection.

Open or Close What are the storage recommendations for VP Natural Wood Protect?

VP Natural Wood Protect should be stored between +4°C to +30°C. An unopened container has a shelf life of at least 2 years, while once opened, it should be used within 6 months.

Open or Close How should treated surfaces be cleaned and maintained?

Surfaces treated with VP Natural Wood Protect can be cleaned with water or mild cleaners with a pH of 5 to 7. The durability of the surface protection depends on the frequency and type of cleaning.

Open or Close Are there any important considerations or precautions to take when using VP Natural Wood Protect?

It's essential to ensure surfaces are free of dust, grease, and residues before application. VP Natural Wood Protect is not suitable for oily wood, and it's recommended to test on inconspicuous areas first.

Open or Close What assurances are provided with VP Natural Wood Protect?

VP Natural Wood Protect is backed by quality assurances including compliance with regulatory standards, extensive testing, and a commitment to product effectiveness and safety.

Open or Close Can VP Natural Wood Protect be used on surfaces other than wood?

No, VP Natural Wood Protect is specifically formulated for untreated natural wood surfaces such as MDF, OSB, plywood panels, chipboard, and similar materials. It is not suitable for application on other surfaces.

Open or Close How long does it take for VP Natural Wood Protect to dry and fully cured?

VP Natural Wood Protect typically dries quickly, with the solvent (carrier liquid water) evaporating upon application. Complete hardening occurs within 24 hours at ambient temperature (20°C / rH65%), although additional warmth can accelerate the process.

Open or Close Can VP Natural Wood Protect alter the appearance or color of the treated wood?

VP Natural Wood Protect is designed to maintain the natural look and feel of the wood surface without altering its appearance. However, slight color changes may occur due to factors such as surface structures, gloss levels, and application variations. These changes do not affect the product's performance and are not considered grounds for complaint.


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