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VP Porous Stone Protector

Protective Coating For Stone, Marble, Granite

SIO2 & Water-based Superhydrophobic Nanocoating for Porous Stone Surfaces.

  • Superhydrophobic
  • Soil-repellent protective coating for stone
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Weather resistant
  • No change of water vapour diffusion
  • Salt-resistant granite stone nano coating
  • Resistant to high pressure cleaners (up to 60 bar, subject to substrate)
  • Frost-resistant
  • Easy-to-clean effect
  • Water-based formula
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Maintains breathability
  • Odourless protective coating for marble
  • Does not alter look or feel
  • Food-safe & Physiologically harmless
  • Bio-compatible water repellent coating for stone
  • UV-stable stone protector spray
Protective Coating For Stone, Marble, Granite

Performance & Testing

  • Superhydrophobic
  • Frost-thaw-changes-reduction (according DIN EN 12371:2010-07(frost resistance) for 100 cycles)
  • Frost-de-icing salt resistance (according TL Pflaster-StB 06 for 100 cycles)
  • Water vapour diffusion (according DIN EN ISO 12572:2001)
  • Determination of water absorption (according CSIRO BEST-2:1998)
  • Resistance to salt attack (according AS/NZS 4456.10:2003)
  • Abrasion resistance (Taber abrasion according ASTM C1353:1996)
  • Longevity (Artificial weathering with Xenon arc lamps according DIN EN ISO 4892- 1:2006 - 550h (five weathering years)
  • REACH Conformity
  • ZDHC MRSL V2.0 Conformity


pH-value (undiluted) 4,5 - 5,5
Density (g/ml) 1
Flash Point (°C) >90°
Boiling Point (°C) 100°
Colour Colourless / Light Yellow
Manufacturing Standard According to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
HS Code 38249992
Shelf Life 24 months

VP Porous Stone Protector is a superhydrophobic and soil-repellent protective coating specifically designed for porous stone surfaces such as marble, granite, sandstone, and more. It utilizes SIO2 and water-based nanotechnology to create a durable barrier against various environmental factors.

Open or Close What are the benefits of using VP Porous Stone Protector?




The benefits are manifold:

  • Unmatched superhydrophobic properties
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion
  • Unyielding durability against various weather conditions
  • Preserves the inherent breathability of the stone
  • Withstands frost and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Facilitates effortless cleaning
  • Guaranteed food safety and physiological harmlessness
  • Maintains the natural allure of the stone, devoid of alterations
  • UV stability ensures longevity of protection
Open or Close How is VP Porous Stone Protector applied?

Application is best accomplished through precision spraying utilizing advanced spray devices such as HVLP nozzles. Alternatively, manual application involves spraying surfaces at least twice (wet-on-wet) from a distance of 15 cm. Dipping, brushing, or using a lambswool roller are also viable methods, albeit with higher consumption expected.

Open or Close What surfaces can VP Porous Stone Protector be applied to?

Its versatile application extends to a broad spectrum of absorbent stone surfaces including light concrete, mineral concrete, granite, marble, sandstone, slate, limestone, clay tiles, and more.

Open or Close How long does VP Porous Stone Protector last?

Rigorous testing under artificial weathering with Xenon arc lamps guarantees stability over an impressive 550 hours, equivalent to five years of weathering.

Open or Close Is VP Porous Stone Protector environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Its water-based, formaldehyde-free composition conforms to stringent REACH and ZDHC MRSL V2.0 standards, ensuring environmental safety without compromising efficacy.

Open or Close What is the recommended consumption rate of VP Porous Stone Protector?

Consumption rates vary based on surface absorbency, typically ranging between 20 and 60 ml per square meter.

Open or Close Can VP Porous Stone Protector be applied to damp surfaces?

Yes, it is specifically engineered to be applied on recently formed and still damp substrates, enhancing convenience and flexibility during application.

Open or Close Does VP Porous Stone Protector alter the appearance of the stone?

Not in the slightest. It preserves the natural elegance and texture of the stone, leaving no discernible alterations post-application.

Open or Close How can I ensure the best results when using VP Porous Stone Protector?

Optimal results are ensured by meticulous surface preparation, including the removal of dust, grease, and residues of cleaning agents. Additionally, conducting a stability and functionality examination on an inconspicuous area prior to full application is recommended for impeccable outcomes.


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