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VP Metal Protect - Hydrophobic & Anti-Fingerprint Solutions

Anti-Fingerprint Coating For Metal

SIO2 & Solvent-based Superhydrophobic & Oleophobic Nanocoating for Metal & Stainless Steel Surfaces.

  • Superhydrophobic
  • Anti-fingerprint coating for metal
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Maintains breathability
  • Odourless grease resistance coating for metal
  • Does not alter look or feel
  • Food-safe & Physiologically harmless
  • Bio-compatible nano coating for metal
  • UV-stable anti-fingerprint coating for furniture
Anti-Fingerprint Coating For Metal


Density (g/ml) 0.8
Flash Point (°C) <15°C
Boiling Point (°C) 80 °
Shelf Life 24 months

VP Metal Protect represents an advanced nanocoating meticulously engineered for the treatment of metal and stainless steel surfaces. This innovative solution is imbued with superhydrophobic characteristics, meaning it effectively repels water, along with anti-fingerprint properties. These combined features render it highly versatile, catering to an extensive array of applications, particularly within industrial environments. Whether it's for machinery, equipment, or architectural elements, VP Metal Protect stands as an optimal choice for ensuring surfaces remain pristine and resistant to water and fingerprints.


Open or Close How is VP Metal Protect applied?

VP Metal Protect is ready-to-use and can be applied using spray devices such as HVLP nozzles for industrial settings. It can also be manually sprayed, ensuring even coverage. Surfaces should be free from dust, grease, and residues of cleaning agents for optimal results. It's recommended to perform a stability and functionality test on an inconspicuous area before full application.

Open or Close What is the recommended consumption rate of VP Metal Protect?

For industrial applications, the consumption rate typically ranges between 2-5 ml per square meter.

Open or Close How should surfaces coated with VP Metal Protect be cleaned and maintained?

Surfaces treated with VP Metal Protect have a smooth and stable surface resistant to conventional cleaning agents. Fingerprints can be easily removed with a soft, dry cotton cloth. For other contaminants like ink or water stains, a damp cloth can be used. Stronger contamination may require mild cleaners with a pH of 5 to 7. The durability of the surface protection depends on the type and frequency of cleaning and care.

Open or Close What is the shelf life of VP Metal Protect?

The shelf life of an unopened container of VP Metal Protect is at least 2 years. Once opened, it should be used within 6 months to ensure optimal performance.

Open or Close Are there any considerations regarding visual color changes?

Due to the raw materials used, occasional visual color changes may occur, especially batch-related variations. However, these variations do not affect the product's performance and do not constitute a reason for product complaint.

Open or Close Can VP Metal Protect be used in food processing or medical equipment environments?

Yes, VP Metal Protect is food-safe and physiologically harmless, making it suitable for use in food processing environments. Additionally, its bio-compatible nature makes it suitable for certain medical equipment applications, but it's always recommended to perform compatibility tests for specific use cases.

Open or Close How does VP Metal Protect maintain its effectiveness over time?

VP Metal Protect features UV stability, ensuring its longevity even when exposed to sunlight. Regular cleaning and maintenance as per the provided instructions also help in preserving its effectiveness over time.

Open or Close Does VP Metal Protect alter the texture or appearance of treated surfaces?

No, VP Metal Protect is designed to maintain the original look and feel of the treated surfaces. It forms a transparent and thin coating that does not alter the texture or appearance of metal and stainless steel surfaces.

Open or Close Can VP Metal Protect be applied to outdoor surfaces?

Yes, VP Metal Protect is suitable for outdoor applications. Its UV-stable properties make it resistant to degradation from sunlight exposure, ensuring long-term protection for outdoor metal surfaces.

Open or Close Is VP Metal Protect environmentally friendly?

Yes, VP Metal Protect is formulated to be environmentally friendly. It is bio-compatible and does not contain harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in various applications while minimizing environmental impact.


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